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CATEX, as a manufacturer of garments for export, has established a quality policy.

CATEX mission is to make products whose quality to meet customer needs and expectations , as well as legal and regulatory requirements in the field.

To implement this policy, the leadership decided CATEX implementation and improvement of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

In order to increase our customer satisfaction, we have established the following objectives in quality:

  • continuous improvement of product quality;
  • range of products;
  • improving the image;
  • strengthening and improving the quality of internal culture of the organization;
  • providing a working environment, education and motivation of staff in terms of development, internal communication with customers, an attitude participatory and cooperative problem solving.


General Manager of CATEX staff engaged in the implementation of the quality policy through implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement in the operation of the Quality Management System by:
communication within the organization the importance of customer satisfaction , as well as legal and regulatory requirements in this area;
ensuring the ongoing appropriateness of the quality policy ;
establishing, planning and analysis derived objectives ( specific objectives ) of the quality policy;
Leadership management reviews;
Ensuring the availability of resources, both human ( qualified / trained ) and material (financial, infrastructure performance, working environment ).

Quality Management System provisions are presented in the Quality Management Manual MC 01 and the associated procedures and binding from the time of approval , to be applied at all levels of management and execution of CATEX.

Director General as Management Representative for Quality Assurance has the authority and responsibility necessary to implement and enforce the requirements of this manual, coordinate and supervise the business carried out by the staff quality management company, as well as updating and continuous improvement of this manual.

GENERAL MANAGER - Andrei Anisoara

Certificat ISO 9001:2015