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CATEX produces classic and sportswear for both, men and women, in a wide range: blazers, jackets, overcoats, mantles and raincoats.


Here are some information in order to understand better what CATEX can do for his customers:

- the clothes produced by us are mainly from woven or cotton, fully-lined or semi-lined, with the possibility to prepare them for washing or dyed process;

- we have the skills to do decorative or AMF stitches, with interiors that can be normal or more elaborated and also to work with high complexity elements when it comes to sport styles;

- another advantage, for autum-winter styles, is the fact that we can produce protective elements such as removable/stready front-facing or waistcoats.

- we could add: Columbia stitches, detachable fur collars, quilted or feather linings.


We are interested first of all to offer quality to our customers and that is why we constantly invest in equipment bought from prestigious brands in the textile industry.


The company has the technical capability necessary for a thoroughly technological process, endowed with:

  • computerized system for pattern making;
  • grading and markers making;
  • automatic cutting lines;
  • automatic machines for pocket welts; 
  • specialized  sewing machines
  • ironing tables and pressing machines;
  • software for production management.


Now, CATEX has over 300 employees.